On New Year Resolutions

So this year I decided to not make any new year resolutions. Don't get me wrong I do have dreams and goals but I just figured I will take it one day at a time. I will try treat each day as the gift that it is and work on improving myself averyday. By doing … Continue reading On New Year Resolutions


Love child

The Blogging Meetup

I am child born of love. My parents loved me so much they transferred all the love they had for each other to me, that’s why they broke up soon after my conception. So I am a love child as I always tell people.

There were times when being a love child wasn’t fun though, like having two addresses and splitting the holidays and listening to my mother bitch about how my dad had ruined her life!!! I am so over that though. This brings me to hat I want to write about today. Love is what happens between two people!!! Only two people!! 

My mother got married 10 years ago. I was 19 at the time and just didnt make sense. Why are you getting married so late? What were you waiting for? Who is this loser anyway? (Growing up with my awesome dad meant every other guy in…

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Woman “mbokodo” you are on your own….

As a woman, a  young girl I was brought up to believe my father was my protector, provider and the guy who knew everything about anything. I always felt safe in my house even if a a lion could enter my house, my dad would kill before it got to me! Yep! Was I sold … Continue reading Woman “mbokodo” you are on your own….

Letter to the daughter I probably will never have

So at the beginning of this month I decided to say to stuff... Do I regret it? Just a little bit.. So I met a few people and said yes to stuff! But what I didn't anticipate on was falling for the wrong person in the process. Lessons learned... So my daughter this is for … Continue reading Letter to the daughter I probably will never have

Cupid is just irresponsible.

Cupid always touches my heart with tainted arrows, how hard is it to draw a new one just for me? The latest hit was the most painful. There I was aimlessly walking about, minding my own business... Then the irresponsible bastard decided to take aim for my heart... The subject is the most handsome man … Continue reading Cupid is just irresponsible.

Things learnt on a solo trip

I recently took a trip solo to a country I didn't know. I didn't even know how to greet in any of their native languages but off I went. I had so much fun and zero regrets. This was an opportunity for me to take stock, drink a lot, party amongst other things. The most … Continue reading Things learnt on a solo trip

Senzeni na?(What have we done?)

I was born a sin! Being born a woman in my country is synonymous to being a sin! This morning I woke up to then news that a 22 year old young woman was burnt with pertrol and acid beyond recognition, by her boyfriend!!!! By her boyfriend! Let that sink in!!! To top it all … Continue reading Senzeni na?(What have we done?)