Giving names to my dreams

Your soul speaks 
It is up to you to decide whether to listen or not
Listening and action turns your dreams to a reality
Listening stops the loop of Groundhog Day
Listen and you may just wake up living the life you have always dreamt of

Dreams do come true
Just listen to your soul
It will guide you
Somehow it already knows the destination
The road may be bumpy and sore,
But it’s all worth it!
You have to enjoy the whole process
It is after-all a process of creation

Note: I am drawn to live a full life. Lately my days seem to be the same. I feel like for the past 12 years I have been merely surviving, with nuances of living. I have been able to escape some of the routine but like a rat, I get right back at. I can’t anymore, I need different! Hence I am doing and dreaming differently from now! I am going to take out the training wheels and live! Take a chance and live!




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