It’s as if you enjoy hurting me

When I want you,

You don’t want me.

When you want me,

I don’t want you.

What is up with that, my love?

It hurts

I plan our reconciliation,

You will come for me,

I will let you in.

Yet, always you are occupied.

You come for me,

Grand gestures and everything,

And I am the one who is occupied.

Despite the hurt we have caused each other,

Despite the pain.

Despite the tears,

Despite the heartbreak,

All of it…

My heart still wants you.

In these moments,

My heart longs for you.

Despite my blue eyed lover,

My heart longs for you…

Is it really my heart, I wonder.

We made sense.

You match my intellect,

Not my body though.

You match the aesthetic,

Not my life though,

You match all of it,

Yet you match nothing at all…

I am therefore letting you go my sweet-sweet love

My elusive love

The love I will never have

The love that was never meant to be

Good bye sweetheart




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