Thoughts of a child-free 34 year old

I think of my life as brief experience of Gods creation. A chance to rest in Gods love, to touch and observe the beauty he has made. As an observer, I therefore I don’t want to leave trails and proof of me having been here. I am offering my gifts, talents and observations but I don’t think I am of this world. I think I am just gathering information for my next life to increase the wisdom of the next phase. It makes sense then that I chose to be child free. Lately however, I find myself scared of the future. I am scared I won’t have anyone to take care of me when I am older. I don’t want to burden people, I want to always be healthy and fit. Is it really possible? What if I get very lonely? These are all questions I have to answer. These thoughts have not made feel like I need kids though, I think we all have our purpose in life. Mine doesn’t involve being a mother though.

It will be interesting to know if done child free people have the same questions or even answers



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