Would you date yourself? As you are?

Sometimes you have to call your own bull!

Own up to your shitty decisions!

Own up to your crap!

Admit that you are shitty sometimes!

Someone asked me today, would you date yourself? As you are?

Without much thought, I said “yes”.

But in hindsight,

Maybe I would like to be more decisive,

Maybe I would like to have more money,

Maybe I would like to be more patient,

Maybe I would like to be more inspired,

Maybe I would like to be more tolerant….


I wonder how Mr Blue Eyes keeps up with my crap…….


The Book with no Full Stops

He was the book with no full stops,

Only commas,

And being an avid reader,

I was left fascinated,


I kept reading,

And reading,

Is there a full stop in sight,

None was coming,



Still no full stops,

Just comas,

He is like this crazy book,

I want to read,

And read,

I hope to not find the full stop,


True story though, I read a brilliant a book with no full stops recently. If interested in the name and author, let me know. Promise you won’t stop laughing