Allow yourself to outgrow old versions of yourself

It’s ok to change who you are as many times as your will allows,

Stop apologizing for who you are

Stop apologizing for evolving at a faster pace, than they can put up with

Stop apologizing for your growth

Stop apologizing for your change.

Just change


Opportunity lies behind the closed door

Behind every closed door,

There’s a stronger and more deserving somebody,

Not you!



Don’t be fooled by the door

Behind every door,

There is a person who said

‘ I have hands to knock,

I have a plan,

Let me give this a chance’

Knock on that door!

Say yes to that dream!

Get up and

Knock on the door!


A great title doesn’t translate to a good story.

I should know this by now but I love good titles! Damn it! I am a sucker for them! I also love good opening lines!

Today I bought a book with an amazing title and a cover to match! Brilliant title! Funny cover! I was so excited to indulge in it, turned down the music, cigarette in hand and water nearby. What a disappointment!!

This got me thinking; aren’t relationships similar? You meet the handsome stranger, he says all the right things, promises to be a great read; only to be a collection of broken hearts and dreams deferred? Leaving you wondering, why didn’t I choose the less attractive cover? Why didn’t I listen to reviews? Why didn’t I consider that, maybe this was too good to be true?

It’s simple really, it’s advertising. You end up with the cover that resonates with you now! One that compels you to read the book. You want to believe that the great cover is a representation of the great story inside the book. It may turn out to be a disappointment but that thought doesn’t even cross your mind!

When it does turn out to be a disappointment like my book, you close it, hoping to return to it one day. Books have yo be finished! Books have to be perfectly timed, one can hardly finish a sad book when one is in a happy place. Maybe it’s not the book that is bad or disappointing, maybe it’s just the season that doesn’t correlate with the book.

In the end aren’t we all just a collection of broken hearts and dreams deferred, covered in beautiful smiles, waiting for someone to read us at the right season?

We all just want to share our stories….


And God said “Well done my child, here’s your resting place”

Growth is elusive, years pass and with each year we become a year older than we were. However this doesn’t translate to growth.

Some of us are 30 year old toddlers, screaming and shouting for attention we were deprived of! We haven’t learnt the art of communicating. And we wonder why nobody listens to us.

Some of us are 40 year old boys who are struggling with our sexuality. We were taught a real man gets a wife and has kids, we have done that. Why then do we still lust after our wife’s brother?

Some of us are 25 year old, fat teenagers who were told we would never be desirable. We have collected our fair share of human trophies, to prove we are desirable. Why then do we still empty and fat?

Some us are rebellious teenagers in grown bodies. We have achieved all the accolades and praise to prove we are self sufficient and don’t need nobody. Why then does the expensive house not feel like a home?

Some of us are CEOs in big corporations, working our arses off in jobs we don’t even like, because we were taught art is for hippies! Why then do our hands still shake at the sight of a Mona Lisa?

The truth is we are culmination of of our parents and society’s dreams. They taught us what to be, how to be and some went as far as living their lives through us. That only lasts up to a point though.

At some point we have to live for ourselves. Make our own mistakes. Find our place in the world. Define our world. Define our own truth. Growth is the ability to show compassion to everyone you have been, shed the skins that no longer fit and evolve into the butterfly we really are!

It all starts with awareness! You cannot ignore what is right in front of you! What you do with it once you are aware, is feed it compassion!! Lots and lots of it! Take the necessary steps to grow is the last one. What you do in between is completely up to you! Therapy, prayer, meditation and many other things are available.

Lord knows I don’t want to wake up at 50 and wonder, ‘what happened to my gifts?’

I hope when I see God at the end of my journey, I would have exhausted all my talents and happy! My kind of happy! And God will say “Well done my child, here’s your resting place”


Be still and know…..

Having been an avid avoider of pain or feeling anything uncomfortable, I had to learn the hard way that I couldn’t outrun myself.

I had to reach rock bottom to survive. I was forced to face myself, listen to my demons and tend to my wounds with zero judgement and no way out.

I had to acknowledge the hurt, I had to acknowledge the pain, I had to see the pain, feel the pain.

A hero was born in that dark place, the light at the end of the tunnel was not a straight line. In the hills and valleys of death and despair, I found God.

The God who said,‘be still and know….’ I had to be still to find the God in me who is my strength.

As a sheep I had to follow, being a know it all I tried to find shortcuts and got lost. I then remembered ‘be still and know‘, after numerous failed attempts at the shortest route, I surrendered. And that has made all the difference….

Still climbing, still failing; I remain STILL KNOWING…..

rachel and

The rebels

They think we want are going to find the match and burn this whole place to the ground!

We could if we wanted to, we already know where the match is!

We are just not interested!

Our revolution is silent! Silent refusal to be anything other than what we are! Refusal to stay in their cages!

There’s a whole universe awaiting us! There are aliens with our stuff!

Just don’t stop us! That’s all we ask.We will not stand in your way either.

Let us revolt! In our silence!

Be encouraged too!


The Genesis of healing

Today we are happy

Today we are grateful

Today we are love

Today we are thankful

Today the storm is calm

In the pages of scriptures we found ourself

We had to start from Genesis

Attempt to find who we were before we ate the forbidden apple

We learnt who we were before they told us we who they thought we should be

They told us we weren’t worth loving

We had to reduce ourselves to fit into their normal

We had to cut off our wings! “Who are you to fly? Nobody can do that, many have tried and many have failed!” So they said

We mimicked them, idolized them and wanted to be normal too, like them.

Not anymore!

Not anymore!

We glued our wings back!

We fly now!

We dare to dream and act!

We dare to live in our own “normal”

We don’t conform anymore

We don’t blame them either

That was their normal

They didn’t know better!

We had to go In search of our own normal too! It was a necessary journey!

Like Pharaoh Who didn’t know the world of honey, Egypt was the destination for him!

So was theirs!

We are Moses

We learnt to be obedient to the creator

We learnt trust in the author of our books

We learnt complete surrender!

What a beautiful place this l!

Today we are happy

Today we are grateful

Today we are love

Today we are thankful

Today the storm is calm


The best dancer is the one having the most fun

A lot of people will tell you how to live your life. How will you know my journey if you haven’t walked in my shoes? Who told you that YOUR way was the right way? I hate being told what to, hate it; this doesn’t really sit well with a lot of followers. I use the term ‘followers ‘ because some people have resigned their life’s purpose without even realizing it. They are living based on other people’s life experiences and limitations not their own! Therefore they are merely following…
If there is anything to take from people’s experiences is this , the experience is theirs! Just that! Theirs! How many people want to go into business, lose weight, travel, follow their passions but don’t? If you try to find out why; the answers are the same; did you see what happened to her? She lost everything! It didn’t last! That’s irresponsible! They said it can’t be done. Following your passion is something you do when you are ‘slowing down’.

They will tell you “work at this awful job and have a realistic plan’. What if you die today? What do you tell your 15 year old self? What will you tell God for squandering his gifts? I was being realistic., According to who? You belittled your dreams to suit people? What about your gift to the world? Don’t you think you have something grand to offer? You are made in the image of God!!!! Let that sink in….

By all means, listen to other people’s advice. Take what resonates with your soul and go have an adventure. Go dancing and face fun, you may not be the best dancer in the dance floor but who cares? As long as you have fun! Even if you fall flat on your arse! Pick yourself up and try again!